Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cirque des Cercles Completed!!!!

WOO HOO! Finally a finish!!! So here it is!

Details: Cirque des Cercles - Ink Circles, Tracy Horner
Started 4/11/07, Finished 3/16/09
Black Lugana 25 Ct. 1X1 full cross Vikki Clayton (HDF) Varigated Silk Tugtupite (5 + skeins)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

HAED's 7,000th Customer

I know I owe you a stitching update. I've been holding off, trying to finish Cirque des Cercles, I'm on the last page! Hope to get that done soon, so I will have a pic for ya.

In the meantime I just saw an announcement on the HAED BB and thought I would share.

They are very close to having 7,000 customers in their database and they are going to offer that person their first chart for free!

How cool is that??!!!! So if you haven't given in to the addiction that is HAED yet.... now is the time!!!!