Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Transitions Lifestyle Update

We had a weigh in Monday night, here are my results (total for the 7 weeks):
Weight - down 13.4 lbs.
Hips - down 4 inches
Waist - down 4.25 inches
Chest - down 4.5 inches
Bicep - down .5 inches
Body Fat down 3.4%

Interesting, I lost a total (so far) of 13.4 lbs, and the total inches lost are 13 and a quarter.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Side by Side

First I want to thank my readers. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. It's so nice to hear from you!

Here's the before and after fromt he SWIP/UFO SAL last weekend. The after pic isn't that great but I am just to lazy today too take it off the rods and get it to the scanner.

Just got some more of that tree on the right stitched.

Now here's Simba (on the left) & Lancelot (his littermate):

That's Simba in his Halloween neckerchief. What a cutie pie! Here's a few more recent photos, he's getting so big!
Simba, Sky & Simon and Simba & Simon.
Check out Simba's face in the last one! Also, Sky modeling the neckerchief.

On the lifestyle side. It must've been the cut of my old jeans (the smaller ones). I went out on Friday night and tried on a few different ones in the smaller size and they all fit! So I got 3 pairs of jeans and one pair of cords in one size smaller. Hurrraaahhhhh! They were on sale so it wasn't too bad.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simba's Brother

I finally heard from Arielle! She's the girl that has Simba's litter mate. She named him Lancelot, and he is doing great! Here's some pictures she sent me.

Almost Simba's twin! Simba has a bit more black in his fur. You can tell he is well loved! I'll have to try and get a picture of Simba in about the same position and post them for comparison. Thanks to those that asked, my boys are doing well. Simba and Simon are like 'peas and carrots' (Forrest Gump). They really are best buds, and play together all the time. I could watch them romp and play-box for hours.
Thanks also for your comments on Goblin. This weekend is the Swip/UFO SAL so she is staying on the scroll rods at least until next week. I'd really like to finish page 12 but don't now if that's possible. Have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so no stitching that day.
I did try to get into my smaller sized jeans yesterday, that was a no go. But I think it's more the cut than the size. The smaller ones are more highwaisted than the ones I've been wearing. I wasn't able to zip them, missed it by about a quarter of an inch. So I have to wear the larger sized ones, but they are baggy all over. I keep hitching them up because they keep sliding down. Very annoying. But it's better than the alternative, needing to go buy a bigger size to fit!!!!

Thanks to all of you that comment and follow, it means alot to me!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goblin Tree - Linda Ravenscroft - Update

This is a retired chart from Linda. I started it in Nov. 2006! I'm on the 12th page.
Here it is before the SAL this weekend: And this is it after:
I love stitching this chart! You can see a bit more of the tree on the right side. It's too big to fit in the scanner so the left side (the moon) is cut off. I will stay with this one through the SAL next weekend. I think it's the Swip/UFO SAL, and GT qualifies! She's the first full sized HAED I ever started, and she's a little more than half way done.
Fabric: Sugaqr Maple Fabrics - French Vineyard, 28 ct. Lugana
Stitch: 1 X 1 Full cross
Floss: DMC
Start Date: Nov. 2006

Health News: I'm going to Physical Therapy (3 X's a week) and it is helping. I always feel better when I leave there. I am doing the exercises they gave me to ease the back pain, and it's working.
Still sticking to my Transitions Lifestyle plan, and eating right. I think I'm down a total of 12 pounds right now, but I have to hold on to see the real number when they weigh us next time (I think that's in 2 weeks). I am noticing that my jeans are falling off me. I even put them in the dryer! (Normally and un-heard-of occurance!) I am going to pull out a few pairs I saved that are one size smaller and try them on today. Wish me luck!