Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back from Vacation

Just back from Passport to Dry Creek Valley 2010 And we had a great time! The weather was perfect for the entire weekend. We tasted some amazing wines. All I can say is, the '07 vintages kick butt!

We went out on Thursday before it started. On Friday we went up to Lake Sonoma

What a beautiful day! This little guy came out to visit us.

We got a helicopter ride out to the vineyards at Passalacqua Here's some shots of it and the vineyards from above.

You can see all of the pictures at my webshots account, here, click on Passport 2010.

That's it for now. No stitching to show. I hope to get back to my stitching this week!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lots of Updates

Things around here have been busy lately. My apologies for not posting for so long. I figured I would appease the blogger Gods with lots of pictures. First up is Dark Cherry.

Then there's QS Arthur.

Next up Enchanted Garden. These 3 were , last stitched on during March.

And Tiny Treasure Sun Worshiper Cat 3, he was last stitched on in Feb.

And how about some kitty pictures?

Simba has grown so much! He is 15 lbs. now!

Simon just gets more and more handsome every day!

Storm poses for a pic.
Sky helps me with the laundry.

Happy Stitching!