Friday, March 28, 2008

Not a Lot Done...

Goblin Tree after last weekend's Fourth weekend Themed SAL. This SAL was a background SAL so I worked only on the right top. Got another branch started at least. I'll be working on her again this weekend too. It's the 5th Weekend SAL for all (HAED) retired artists.

I've gotten no stitching time in at all this week, sorry to say. I don't know what was so different this week from any other, I just had no time. I'll be back on a roll by tonight, I hope!

I don't say it enough, but Thank You, Dear Rreaders. Thanks for your comments, your attention, and your time. Have a great stitchy weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lots of Pics!

Fist up is my new, and very first ever, original artwork purchase, Annie Rodrigue's Diva Kitty! Annie sent the image to HAED to be charted too! Looks like I will end up with 2 of these (one of them stitched my me, someday)!
Next, some booty from my recent SEX (Stash Enhancement Experience). There is more to come yet, but this is the first to arrive. Charts from ABC Stitch, Silks from Vikki.

And finally, my silk toss for the Spanish Sampler Mystery Stitch-A-Long. More Vikki silks, with Zweigart 36 ct. Linen.

This weekend is the Fourth weekend Themed SAL (HAED). I'll be working on Goblin Tree.
Have a wonderful weekend, and a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March HAEDless Sampler SAL

Here's my progress on CDC from this past weekend.
I have been having fun reading stitching blogs. Ann over at Knowledge and Needles inspired me to purchase Pretty Pumpkins (Glendon Place). Nicole now has me hooked on Country Cottage Needleworks and Little House Needleworks! I just ordered CCN Home Sweet Home, and I am drooling over Daisy Sampler (and many others!). OH! You must pop over to her blog and see her WIP Just Nan's "Memories", it's yummy!

I guess with all my long term (BAPs) projects, I need a little "instant gratification" once in a while! I went a bit crazy ordering charts, just a little bit... I'll do a stash post when it arrives.

Also, I did receive my Kitty Diva, got it on Friday! She is gorgeous and I'm going out this afternoon to get a frame for her. Once I have her "dressed" I'll post a pic!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Week's Word Is LOVE

I am enjoying this. I can have a sense of accomplishment after finishing each word. I like stitching with the Weeks Dye Works too. It's a change from my norm.

This weekend is the HAEDless Sampler SAL again. I'll be picking up Cirque des Cercles.

I also signed up for the Spanish Sampler Mystery Stitch-A-Long by Periphaeria Designs . I ordered silks from Vikki for it. I'm going with Dragon Blood, OMG Red 1137, OMG Red 1151, and Ecru for it. We will see. When I get the silk I have to see how they all go together.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March SAL Challenge

The challenge was this weekend. I worked on Goblin Tree again (of course). This is my progress. Getting more of that wing and ear done. I just love the look on her face.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Original Art Purchase!

OMG! How excited am I?! I saw Diva Kitty on Annie Rodrigue's journal yesterday. We had a lovely email conversation and GUESS WHAT???!!!! I bought the original!!!! YES! This is my first ever original! Can you tell I am excited? I also requested that HAED chart it of course. Annie told me that she's been thinking of a Mister Kitty, with a monocal, bow tie, and hat! How cute would that be??! I can't wait to get this gorgeous girl in the mail. I'll be sure to post a pic!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sun Worshipper Cat3

A small start. This is progress from Tiny Treasure Tuesday. 28 ct. Opalesent, but I don't have the color name in front of me right now. DMC 1 X 1 full cross. I staerted in the middle this time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dream Double Flip-it Finish

I think I'll try to complete one word a week.

Today is Tiny Treasures Tuesday over at the HAED BB. I have Sun Worshipper Cat3 (artist Katherine Barber) all kitted up and ready for today. That's the cat on the right in this pic.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Some different Stitching

For me this weekend. I took a break from my HAED stitching and did some others that were calling out to me. Fist up is A Bouquet for Cheryl. I started this the last week of Feb. I worked on it some more Saturday.
28 ct. Forget-Me-Not Blue Lugana
Carrie's Creation hand-dyed floss in Lumiere de Cheryl
1 X 1 full cross

Yesterday I started the Lizzie Kate Double-Flip-It I fell in love with in January. My original post/picture on it is here. This is my starting pic.
32 ct. Cream Lambswool Lugana
Weeks Dye Works floss
2 X 1 full cross
It's quite an easy stitch after stitching on HAEDs for so long. Since it stitched up so fast I am going to try to keep up with each one as they are released. I would have finished this one last night, but the frogs visited me. I got all the way up to the 'm', pretty much where I am back up to right now, and I had to rip it out. I had placed it too far down and over to the right for the border. I don't know how I did that, but there it was. I pouted the entire time I was ripping it out. Oh well, you can't cry over spilt milk! So I stayed up late and re-stitched it up to the point were it was before I had to rip it out.

Ta for now! Have a wonderful stitchy week!