Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept. Sampler SAL

The SAL was from Friday to Monday. This is my progress. Ths weekend is a background SAL. I'll be back on Goblin Tree.

Computer Update! Well, Dell shipped my giant laptop back to me Tuesday ... MINUS THE HARD DRIVE!!!! Why would they send it back to me if it's useless? It has no drive in it at all. The paperwork says that the drive for my machine is "out of stock at the repair facility". And when it becomes available they will ship it directly to me. I called them and they said that when they get the drive they will send a techie here to install it. This means that the charts that I didn't have backed up are G O N E! I've figured out that my laast backup was the 1st week oy May. So I only lost 4 HAED charts. I've emailed them and requested on bended knee that I be allowed to download them again. I haven't heard from them yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I got my new 'baby' laptop the same day. I finally got it all set up yesterday, and here I am!!! YAY! It's just the cutiest thing! So I'm 'back in business' now!

Thank you all for your well wishes. My surgery date is Oct. 8 th. Doctor said to plan for 2 nights in the hospital (I'm not happy about that). She tells me it will be a 6 week recovery time. I'm really not happy about that! I just hope I will be well enough to stitch!!!! At least then, it won't be wasted time....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goblin Tree

After last weeks SAL, as promised!

I managed to finish the page!
This weekend is the HAEDless Sampler SAL. I'm workng on Cirque des Cercles.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here's the News

I know I've not posted in a while. I had surgery last week, just a day stay. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me, and I will have to go back for a more invasive procedure in the near future. I won't know about that till after this Thursday, when I see my doctor again. Okay, so enough about that!

Since I had a few days off from work - - I stitched! YAY! I kept moving on Lil Blue since he was on the rods.

Good Lord! That ear and eye took me forever! I don't think there are 2 stitches next to each other that are the same color anywhere in that ear and eye! Sheeesh! I am a little disappointed with the colors. It doesn't seem as bright/bold as the picture. I am using the recommended DMC floss. It just looks washed out to me when compared to the original artwork. What do you think?
I also have an update to Goblin Tree, but I'll save it for later.

One more thing. On Friday my Big Beautiful Dell Laptop died. The reason I call it that is #1 Because I LOVE it! and #2 It is giant! Dell doesn't even make it anymore, what a shame. I really use it as a desktop, I don't carry it around, it weights 36 lbs.! Regardless, I love it! So after 2 hours on the phone with Dell Friday morning, they sent me a box (DHL) to return it to them for repair. I got the box yesterday and I called for pick up today. I am on my old, old, old Dell for the time being, so things are slow. This PC is about 8 years old! That's like Dog Years in PCs!

So, since I am without my BB-Laptop (Big Beautiful), and this PC is so OLD, and I will be recuperating for 6 weeks after my surgery soon (no lifting), AND my Birthday is Sunday... I called Dell yesterday and ordered myself a light tiny laptop. An XPS M1330, Intel Core 2 Duo T8100(2.1GHz, 800Mhz, 3M L2 Cache), it weights less that 5 lbs.! Isn't it darling!!? It actually has as much speed and power as the big one! WOO HOO I can't wait to get it! I know... I'm a geek head. I can't help it! So I will be all ready when I return from the hospital. I'll have my stitching right next to the bed, and my wireless little wonder handy to keep up with the boards, emails and such!