Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better Late Then Never

I've been busy.  Had my SIL and niece over the weekend.  We went into NYC for a show and dinner.  Saw Prisilla Queen of the Desert, and had dinner at Chez Josephine's.  It was a great day.  I recommend both the play and the restaurant, so if you haven't been, go!  You won't be sorry.

DH bought a car on Wed.  He hasn't had a car in his name since we've been married, 15 years.  I've been telling him to buy a car for a few years now, but he didn't want a car payment.  He finally found one, not on purpose.  He went to a dealership trying to get a part for his work van and saw one on the lot that he really liked.  He got a Hyundai Genesis.  He really wanted something comfortable, and this car fits the bill.  I can't believe how nice it is.  It's not anything that I would ever have even looked at, but it fits him to a T.  He's happy with it so far.  I hope he stays happy with it at least till he's finished with the payments :-)

Last week was the SK SAL, so Phuan came out for a while.  As stated, I was pretty busy last week so my progress was meager.  Here's the before & after pics:

I was so excited to get to the start of his ear!  Then I went to post my update over on the board in the Phuan thread, and saw what all the other stitcher's pieces look like.  I feel like I got nowhere.  Oh well, I didn't have a lot of time to stitch, but I'm a slow stitcher anyway.  It's not the end point, it's the journey that's important.

This week is the Themed SAL, the Theme is Halloween or anything Autum-ish (not a word, I know).  So you probably already guessed it.  Goblin Tree is on the scroll rods.  I have another busy week this week.  Something every day after work.  But my old friend is there and I have managed a few stitches so far, and hope to squeeze a few more in before Friday morning.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

QS Artur

Last week was the SWIP SAL on the board so I broke out QS Arthur, I hadn't touched him since March 2010! Here he is before:
And after:
Doesn't look like much but confetti rules this piece. I don't mind though, the detail is amazing, IMHO. He will take forever to finish, at the rate I stitch, but he's worth it.

This week is the SK Freebie SAL so Phuan is on the rods....

Some news this past week: Fudgey (Jeannie-Maree) has retired from her duties as Administrator.  I, along with Rachel and Nance are now helping Michele out with the duties there more than we were before.

As a farewell gift Michele and Bob have charted a QS Freebie of the piece that brought Fudgey to HAED in the first place.  You can find the chart, Sea of Roses, HERE.

Unfortunately, I got only one comment on my last post (thank you Ali) .  I was hoping for a bit of a better turnout.  Please look into your heart and re-read my previous post, I really would love to have your help.

It's a chilly 52 this morning, here.  I turned on the heat in the house, first time this season.  I'm still hoping for Indian Summer tho!  It would be nice to curl up in a blanket and stitch, but I have errands to run today.  Then we're taking some friends out for dinner tonight, in honor of her Birthday.  Maybe tomorrow I can stitch all day.

Have a great stitchy week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Question for ya...

I have been thinking about this since last weekend, so I thought I'd just ask you what you think (hope you don't mind).  You may not know that I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.  I've really just purchased for myself these past few years.  I got a letter from my Director saying that her husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  Devastating news.  He was always a big part of the Unit, and threw all his abilities behind his wife, we all love him very much.  He's lost his income, so that leaves her to shoulder their total responsibilities on her own.  She has asked us to help her grow the business by doing anything that we possibly can.  I would like to help her, so my question to you all is this:  (I can buy a Mary Kay web site), if I did so, would anyone be interested?  I would post the addy and you could go to the site and browse and purchase right from the site.  No in home parties, or visits, no fuss.  If so, would you be willing to email your friends with the addy and ask them to browse as well?  I'm just trying to think of ways to contribute to the cause.  Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.
Thank you, very sincerely.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fragile Heart Page 3

Here she is, page 3 complete!  I now that I'm not as far along as most of the other people stitching her, but I'm happy with her anyway.  We all do what we can, right?  I have so many WIPs going I'm happy to get something accomplished with any of them.
This week is the UFO/SWIP SAL, already?  Checks calendar... yep, it's the 2nd weekend of Sept. already!  I haven't looked though my wip pile yet to see what jumps out at me. 
Thinking that the year is flying by makes me want to have a look at me Goals for the year.  So here's where I am as of now.

2011 GOALS
1. Finish Fragile Heart SAL
2. Finish TT SunWorshipper Cat 3  COMPLETE!
3. Finish Chesterton SK SAL        COMPLETE!
4. Complete one more page (at least) on Goblin Tree:  Pages 1 thru 12 finished. COMPLETE!

Friday, September 2, 2011


We made it through the storm.  Never lost power, but we did lose cable for 4 days, so no TV or Internet for me.  Just as well, I stitched!  I brought out Draconis Lepus Leo AKA Pipsqueak for the Themed SAL, and I managed to complete the page I was on and start the next!  Here is the little darling before:
 And after:
I started him in the center so the finished page is 15, and I backed up to start page 14.

This week it's Freebie SAL time, so Fragile Heart is out to play.

My heart goes out to all those that suffered through the storm.  Many people still without power, flooded, etc.  I keep you in my heart and send out healing/helping cyber vibes.