Friday, July 29, 2011

New Start!!!!

 Okay!  So this past week was New Start SAL, and you know I was waiting for this one!  I finally got to start Catfish, and it was a joy to stitch.  I got about 16 10X10 boxes done in one week.  Really speedy for me.  Here he is: 
The red box shows exactly where I am stitching on the chart, I started in the middle.
Catfish                                Sheila Rayyan © HAED
Opalescent White 28 ct.     HDF Silk 1 X 1, full cross
Started 7/22/2011

This weekend starts the Retired Artists SAL, so you know who will be coming out to play! (Can you guess?)  I most likely won't be able to stitch a lot.  My SIL is coming down to stay for the week.  I'm off all week, and we plan to spend the week lounging at the pool, girl time.  We are calling it "girls behaving badly week".  We are going to drink too much wine, play cards, not cook, etc.  A real vacation!  I told DH he has to fend for himself for the week.  

Have a great stitchy week!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching Up

    I have been trying to update weekly, but I fell off the wagon.  I went for a 'girls weekend' in NYC July 15th.  Three of us left on Friday and got back Sunday night.  We had a great time!  We stayed at the Plaza Athénéé.  Friday night we saw Pricilla Queen of the Desert, then we dined at the Blue Fin, the food there was fine, but the service was terrible! Saturday we saw Memphis, then we dined at Chez Josephine what a great place!  It was owned by Josephine Baker and her sons still run it.  The food was delish! The service was wonderful, I need to go back and bring DH.  The shows were fantastic!  If you are in the area and can get to one of these shows, it's well worth it.  I would see either of them again.  During the day Saturday we went to MoMA to see the Alexander McQueen Exhibit, Savage Beauty.  All I can say is WOW!  We had a wonderful afternoon, and enjoyed brunch in the Members Dining Room.  Sunday we shopped Madison Ave., all the way down to Rockefeller Center, then we had lunch at Bice, wonderful place, best Cosmos EVA! We did a lot of walking, but it's good exercise and we had a wonderful time, I didn't want it to end.....
      So on to the stitching!  The week ending the 15th was the UFO/SWIP SAL on the HAED Board, I worked on Bewitched.

The following week was Detail/Confetti SAL, I worked on Phuan.
This week is Themed SAL's ( at the whim of the admin ), and the Admin picked New Start SAL YAY!!!!  I started Catfish!!!!!  I'll have the update at the end of the week.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fragile Heart

Here she is after last week's stitching. I'm so close to finishing the page, but I've put her away because the UFO/SWIP SAL is this week, and I have to work on Bewitched for a bit.
FH is a joy to stitch, I'm enjoying her very much, and she is moving along fairly quickly for me. I'm a slow stitcher so getting close to 2 pages completed in 7 months (along with other stitching) is an accomplishment.

The weather here looks like it might finally be Summer. It stopped raining for a full day yesterday! Spent the day in the pool vacuuming it up from the effects of all the rain and storms we've had this past week.  It was totally trashed.  The sun is out and they are saying 90 for today, so I am looking forward to relaxing outside.  Got my floating lounge out and I am going to soak in some rays.

Happy Stitching!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Goblin Tree June Update

I am proud to announce that I have met another yearly goal.
My goals for this year are:
2011 GOALS
1. Finish Fragile Heart SAL
2. Finish TT SunWorshipper Cat 3 COMPLETE!
3. Finish Chesterton SK SAL COMPLETE!
4. Complete one more page (at least) on Goblin Tree (Pages 1 thru 12 finished). COMPLETE! 

I've completed page 13 on Goblin Tree. That's 3 yearly goals down 1 to go! Pages 1 thru 13 complete, and one third of page 14 complete (out of 20 total).
Without further ado, taaaaaa daaaaaaa!

I now have 3 full and 4 partial pages to go to completion.  This is the only HAED BAP that's ever come this close to a finish!  I am soooo tempted to just keep stitching to the end.  But The Freebie QS SAL is this week, so I must work on Fragile Heart.  GT is already off the rods and back in the storage box, and FH has come out to play.

I hope all my stitching buddies here in the USA have a wonderful July 4th.  I am off work till the 6th, looking forward to a nice weekend with beautiful weather (I hope), and stitching poolside for the duration!