Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Boys!

Today is Sky, Storm, and Simon's Birthday! Sky & Storm are 5 years old and Simon is 1 year today. It's unusual that Simon's estimated birth date is the exact same day as Sky & Storm's, but that's the way it worked out. Happy Birthday my little loves!

New Start

I was so excited to see Linda Ravenscroft's Mystic Mogs charted by HAED. There are four of them, and I got them all. I have no self control. I started Arthur over the weekend. It's not that exciting looking, as I started in the upper left corner. It's all background so far.

First the Original beauty:

Here's my start:

Stats: 32 ct. Zweigart Belfast Linen, Olive Green. Full cross 1 X 1.

Belfast isn't my favorite, but it was the perfect size and I liked the contrast from the backround of the chart to the fabric. The background is a lot of creamy, peachy, yellowy floss, and I thought it would be too hard to see where I stitched and where I didn't if I went with a more netural color. I can always run the matt right up to the edge of the stitching later on if I don't like the look of the fabby. It isn't a dark color, it's soft and light, not like you would think of an Olive Green. This is the first HAED I am attempting on 32 ct. Everything else is on 28 ct. What do you think? Does it look okay?

It's soothing, just stitching a lot of one color for a while. It's a contrast to other projects with a lot of detail stitching. I'm going to try to work my way (cross country) down to his ears. Get some of the detail stitches going, then I'll have a reference point to work over to where there is less detal stitching on the other side. That way I can work on either a lot of detail, or not, depending on my mood. Plus getting used to the 32 ct. doing a lot of one color is helpful.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stitching Pics?

;-) Sandra suggested I change the name of this blog to Simba Obsessions! I was thinking the same thing yesterday when I posted! I do have some stitching updates, but I wanted to wait a day to post them. So here they are.
My last update on Dark Cherry was (I believe) from July 13th:

Here she is from Aug. 11th:

Here is Always Remember from July 20th:

Here it is as of today:

I haven't gotten a lot of stitching in since Simba came to live here. The weather last weekend was beautiful and we spent a lot of time in the pool with friends and neighbors, grilling outside and drinking wine. But a little progress is better than none!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Simba 14 AUG 2009

I took these pics on Friday.

He's just so comfy with a bunch of his toys, and of course Simon had to get in on the photo op.
I did hear about his sibling. He is doing well. The girl brought in a bunch of pictures of him to the nail salon, but I wasn't there that day! I left my email addy with the lady at the salon and asked her to give it to the girl (I don't even know her name!) and ask her to send me the link to any pics she might have online. I will post them as soon as I get them.

Monday, August 10, 2009

2 Boys Lounging

Thanks for your comments and well wishes for the littlest baby in the family.
Today begins Simba's 9th week. We estimated that he was born the day before I found him, so that would make his birthdate June 15th. He's growing like a weed. I swear, every day he looks a full inch larger than he did the day before.
I wanted to share some more pics. I caught him sleeping on the sofa with Simon yesterday and they were so cute I couldn't resist. It's hard to tell but his head is above Simon's. You get a really good view of Simon's gotee as well. Aren't they just adorable!?!

It seems that all of Simba's wiskers are broken off. This concerns me because I know how important a cat's wiskers are. The only thing I can think is that they were broken off playing with Simon. He isn't injured in any other way. Has anybody seen anything like this before? I keep a close eye on them when they are playing but I just can't figure it....

I don't know if I posted about this before, but the vet said he looks like a Bengal. I googled for pics and I think she's right! Check out these pics I found of Bengal Cats. Of course Simba is much, much cuter than any of these. Check out the stripe down the back. The last pic looks just like him!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Simba 5 AUG 09

He's sunning himself by the door to the deck.

Attacking his toy.