Monday, February 5, 2007

SAL Challenge 2007 (HAED)

Goblin Tree is also my focus piece for the HAED 2007 SAL (Stitch A Long) Challenge.
  • This challenge is for a 1 year SAL on a chart of your choice.

  • The chart can not change during the year unless you finish one and start another.

  • You can stitch on your chart any time you want, but at least 10 out of 12 months you need to sign in and participate in the SAL weekend which will be on the second weekend of each month running from friday morning to Monday night.

  • It is preferred that you post before and after pictures, but as some people do not have access to cameras/scanners etc a before and after stitch count is fine as well.

  • There are be two groups: the ones who have a chart already started, and the ones starting a new chart for January 2007.

  • The first SAL weekend was the 12th to the 15th of January.

  • The last month a person can join is the March SAL as after that the 10 months cannot be achieved.

This is my before picture of Goblin Tree:


fudgey said...

which direction are you going to stitch in?? just curious lol...

Louanne said...

Fudgey, I started in the middle of the chart, did the whole center page. Then I moved over to the next page to the left. I put a few 'anchor' stitches in all the way over on the left, just to keep my counting cortect, then stitch to the right. I always stitch to the right, even though I am left handed. Hope this makes sense! Next will be the page to the right of the center page, I think. Depends on what interesting detail pops out at me.