Monday, August 20, 2007

Goblin Tree Update - Page HD!

I stayed with Goblin after the SAL this month. She was on the bars, so I worked on her some more. I got the page done! This was page 2, total of 5 pages completed so far! I am moving down to page 6 next. Getting to the fun part, her dress and the rest of her arm with that lovely striped glove!

I am hoping that everyting gets here in time for the New Start SAL this weekend. I got an email on Fri. that my Vikki Clayton silks were shipped. But I don't think my fabric has shipped yet. I got an order confirmation from ABC Stitch that said they would send me a shipping notification email when my order is ready to ship, that was last Tues. No news from them since. I'll just bust if I can't start Rosy!!!! How awful to have all the lovely silks in hand and no fabric to stitch with them!

This blog was featured last Fri. on's Craft Gossip blog. The post is here if you're interested. Look for Aug. 17th. So nice to be noticed!!! (hangs head, shyly...)

Spin Update:
Classes completed (since July 10th): 29
Miles Spun: 299
Weight Loss so far: 6 pounds

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Sally said...

I can't believe how fast you are stitching this up Louanne! She is looking wonderful!