Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spin Update

Start Date: July 10, 2007
Loss so far: 14 pounds
9/12/2007 Lost one dress size.

Miles cycled:
BAG END TO RIVENDELL (458 miles total) - Completed.
RIVENDELL TO LOTHLRIEN (462 Miles total) - Completed.
LOTHLRIEN TO RAUROS (389 Miles) - Completed.
Total miles cycled: 1309 Miles = Cumulative Journey thus far - Bag End to Rauros

RAUROS TO ISENGARD: Merry and Pippin's Path (355 Miles) - 1
Where I am: Boromir mortally wounded. Pippin and Merry captured by orcs (ca. 2 p.m.).


Barbara said...

You go girl!! I am trying to lose some too :(

Hazel said...

Sounds like an interestiong way to lose weight. I must try it someday soon. xx