Monday, March 3, 2008

Some different Stitching

For me this weekend. I took a break from my HAED stitching and did some others that were calling out to me. Fist up is A Bouquet for Cheryl. I started this the last week of Feb. I worked on it some more Saturday.
28 ct. Forget-Me-Not Blue Lugana
Carrie's Creation hand-dyed floss in Lumiere de Cheryl
1 X 1 full cross

Yesterday I started the Lizzie Kate Double-Flip-It I fell in love with in January. My original post/picture on it is here. This is my starting pic.
32 ct. Cream Lambswool Lugana
Weeks Dye Works floss
2 X 1 full cross
It's quite an easy stitch after stitching on HAEDs for so long. Since it stitched up so fast I am going to try to keep up with each one as they are released. I would have finished this one last night, but the frogs visited me. I got all the way up to the 'm', pretty much where I am back up to right now, and I had to rip it out. I had placed it too far down and over to the right for the border. I don't know how I did that, but there it was. I pouted the entire time I was ripping it out. Oh well, you can't cry over spilt milk! So I stayed up late and re-stitched it up to the point were it was before I had to rip it out.

Ta for now! Have a wonderful stitchy week!


Kim said...

I love your Bouquet for Cheryl and in her colorway too--it's just stunning. I have the floss for that and yours makes me want to start it.

Sorry you had to rip--at least it's easier to rip that than a HAED piece. I've been swayed away from my HAED stitching lately too for some easier things--it must be in the air :)

Happy stitching!

Kerry said...

Bouquet for Cheryl is looking beautiful. I just love the colours you're using.

Cindy said...

You have some great projects going :) Those darn frogs! Good for you with forging on after all that ripping, though...I usually bail out for the night (and sometimes a lot longer than that!) when that happens.

tkdchick said...

Oooh thanks for sharing the link to Bouquet that is so pretty!