Monday, June 30, 2008

2008 Fairy Day SAL

Goblin Tree after the SAL. The SAL ran from June 24 (Fairy Day) till June 29 (Sunday night). I've hit the right side of the design. That's the last page, going across the top, and the page (4) is almost 50% complete. It's so wide now that is won't fit in the scanner, so I had to chop off some of the left side to show the progress. My goal for this year was to complete 3 more pages of this chart. So this puts me right in at half way to my goal. One and a half more pages and I'll have succeeded.

Thank you to all that have visited and left comments. Ann, thank you for your answer to my Orvis question. I found TSC on the web and placed an order for it! Thanks!
I also finally went out and got more invisible thread. Now I can attach the charms to my Double Flip-Its.

DH and I went into the City to see Eddie Izzard on Friday. What a show! It was sold out. He was fantastic! What can I say? I am a sucker for British humor. AND Eddie just frosts my cupcake every time!!!

I don't know how much stitching I'll get in this week. We are having a 4th of July party here (on Friday). The first time all the family and friends will see the pool opened. I am praying for nice weather. They keep changing the forcast, now they are saying there's going to be the possibility of thunder storms for Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. So my rain date (Saturday the 5th) might also get rained out! I am just going to keep praying and keeping my fingers crossed! We sent out 23 invitations, so with the children that would be just about 65 people. A lot of my inlaws are planning to stay over for the weekend. I don't know where I'm putting all these people! But it should be fun, and my DH will be in heaven. I just hope I live through it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

As Promised

A new pic of *LK* Double-flit-it's:
I fixed "Encourage" so it's centered now, finished "Laugh", and that little blue line is the begining of "Create". After that there's "Live!" and it's done!
This is the stash from The Yankee Stitch shope. From top left Lakeside Linnens, 32c Sand Dune Vintage, 18 X 27, 28c English Rose,15.5 X 18, 28c Light Terra Cotta,18 X 27.5. Bottom 28c Antique White, full yard. I went a little overboard, I know. But how often do I get to visit there? I took full advantage!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June HAED SAL Challenge

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post! A lot has been going on. Last week I was in New Hampshire for work. The week before my MIL was in the hospital. I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Well, things have finally settled down, and I did get a chance to stitch for the HAED SAL challenge. Here's Goblin Tree after the SAL.
Sorry for the poor quality. I took a picture instead of doing a scan. I didn't want to take her off the scroll rods.
I did manage to fix my *LK* double-flip-its. I ripped out that last word and repositioned it correctly this time. I need to get a new scan of that.
I visited the Yankee Cross Stitch shop while I was in NH. Love that place! I got some lovely fabrics. Once I'm feeling more 'with it' I'll get a pic of them. I hope you all have been well! Enjoy Summer!