Monday, May 4, 2009

Dark Cherry Update (Again)

Here she is! I have to admit, at first she was driving me mad! Now I've become addicted! I've been working on her pretty steadily for the past month or so. I would like to finish the first page by the time the third page arrives! LOL!! As you can see, I've learned a new (to me) trick! Thanks to Annette for explaining how to 'sign' my stitchy pics.

I've put DC down for a bit to work on Lil'Blue Fair Cat (Hawks) again. This weekend was the HAED UFO/SWIP SAL. He qualifies for sure! I am close to a finish with him. I think I may continue to work on him till he's done. Yeah, I know, I've said that before!

I also started a new one, Always Remember - My Big Toe Designs. This one is for my SIL. Here's the original, and my start:

I am taking my time on this one. It will be a while before the time will be right to give it to my SIL. She had a lump removed from her breast back in Feb. The tests came back saying it was cancer. She made the decision to have her breast removed. She's now recovered, and started back to work last Friday. Can't believe it all happened so fast. She got the results from the final test back last week. They told her that she doesn't need to do chemo. She will have to take a hormone pill once a day for the next 5 years. She is thrilled that she doesn't have to go through chemo. I am happy for her to not have to go through the chemo, but I am hesitant as well. I don't trust the doctors she is seeing, but then again, I do have trust issues. She is very comfortable with her doctors and it's up to her. I know I would have gone a different way, but we all need to travel our own paths. I pray everyday that she will be well, and that this is all now behind her. Appreciate it if my readers (if there are any!) would keep a thought for her as well. Thank you.

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Mel said...

Hope your SIL is doing okay.

Lovely work on your stitching. I do love seeing those HAED's grow.