Monday, June 22, 2009

Comparing Butts

Or see how much I've grown already!
June 18th
June 22nd

I still believe it's a baby boy, from what I can tell. No name yet, I want to wait till I see the personality. He's eating well, eliminating regularly, and purring for me every time I pick him up! What a cutie! If you look closely at the 2 pics, you will see the change in size, especially in his butt. LOL!!!!

Thanks for your well wishes on my last post. I appreciate the moral support!


Tammy said...

oh its the cutest thing ever..I'm sure (he'll) be fine if he's gaining weight and eliminating what a good mommy you are.
If you lest your other cats meet him him give him a warm bath first because he might still have the smell of his mom. I did that when I had got my Leo and my other cat became a mom to him after the smell was gone.


Tama said...

He looks wonderful! You're obviously doing a great job!
Such a cute little bottom, lol!