Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Name? And Lots More Pics

It's been a few days since I updated pics of the baby, so here's a boat load!

He's getting so big! (Well that's relative, of course.) The first pics are of Simon and his new baby brother. Simon really likes him and I think they are going to be an awesome pair. Simon wants to groom him, but I can't let him do it yet. I haven't had the baby tested yet for feline luk, so I can't chance it. He goes tomorrow for his blood test. Keep your fingers crossed that this little boy is disease free. I think his name will be Simba. I personally like Spike better, but DH and just about anyone else that's heard the name Spike doesn't like it. I guess I'm voted down. Doesn't seem fair since I'm the one with less than 10 hours sleep in the last month! He is more alert now. He wants to play whenever he's awake. He attacks his little stuffed doggie every chance he gets. He's Mommy's little cutie pie.


Tama said...

That's just so *cute*!
I admit I like Spike better, but Simba's a cute name, as well. Hope the tests come out negative!

Sandra said...

You're doing an amazing job raising Simba, I wonder how the other little ktten is doing. Hasn't he got the most incredible markings, especially on his back. Thanks for the photos.

~Tammy said...

So very precious!