Monday, October 5, 2009

I need to Vent

Okay. I joined a 12 week weight loss class at Spin last week. It's a low GI diet, called Transitions Lifestyle. You know me, I'll try anything, ONCE. ;-)

Anyways, they started us off with 7 days of 'detox'. That meant eating only veggies and 3 servings of fruit a day (and water). No caffeine, no sugar substitutes, no crap. So I did it. Today is the last day. I admit that I did have one cup of coffee each day because I don't need the headache. The idea is to 'clean out your system'. They went through all the reasons to do it and what it means to your body. OK fine, I get it. Monday night after class they weighed us and took our measurements. That was a rude awakening for me. I know
I'm fat, but Holy Cow! My measurements are just about straight up and down! I'm a box! Anyways....

So, as I said they did this after Spin, and the discussion, so that was around 9 PM. AFTER I ate dinner, AFTER I drank 2 24oz. Bottles of water during 2 Spin classes. So the weight that they recorded was a bit more than I normally see when I weigh myself in the morning, about 2.5 lbs. more. I expected that....

So here I am into the 7th day of detox. I weighed myself this morning, just because I was curious. I've been working so hard at this and really staying with it. And guess what? I weight about 2.5 lbs. less than I did last Monday night. So that means I weigh EXACTLY THE SAME!
I've eaten nothing but friggin' veggies for a friggin' week and nothing has changed!!!!!
How can this be? My metabolism must be dead, I mean really dead!

I am really depressed over this. I know they said it's inches, not the number on the scale, but I don't feel any different! I've been emailing back and forth with one of the other ladies that's doing this, and she said she feels 'less bloated'. I didn't feel bloated to begin with, I just feel fat. And I STILL feel fat. My clothes don't fit any different, my rings are still tight on my fingers, NOTHING has changed. I'm ready to jump out a window....

Thanks for listening, and letting me vent.

Edited to Add: I joined an exercise place back in 07 (see this post). I do 5 classes a week, faithfully except for when I had surgery last October. Classes I take:
Mondays - Core Sculpt 30 minutes, and RIDE & CURL, 30 min spin & 30 upper body.

Wednesdays - BURN BODY BURN, 55 min non-stop body sculpting
and JUST RIDE, 45 min spin in various energy zones.

Saturdays TOTAL WEEKEND RIDE, 45min spin & 25 min total body (longer class).

This month I added every other Tuesday - CYCLEBOX~Crunch 15 min spin / 35 min kickboxing & 10 min abs

During detox week though, they told us NOT to exercise. So I haven't been since last Monday night.


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hi Louanne, it is never easy especially when the scale is always what we rely on. I shold be 14 feet tall so I know what happens there. However,,, if we could lose by stitching then I would be 5'8" and not an ounce over 135. lol I sent you some pics with really bad spelling and HEAD rather than HAED. lol thanks for having me as a "buddy" and a follower to your personal blog.
be always in stitches.

Mel said...

Okay first... *hugs*

Here is my question for you out of this... is there an exercise program with it?
That will help you lose the weight more than not eating anything...
It does take some time girl... I know it's hard. *hugs*

Louanne said...

Thanks for the hugs Mel! I edited the post to talk about my exercise program.

Claire said...

Well done for doing the exercise (thats a lot!) keep it up.It's boring but the only way to lose weight is eat healthy and have smaller portions :(I'm struggling with it myself.Here's my blog if you want to have a look.