Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Side by Side

First I want to thank my readers. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments. It's so nice to hear from you!

Here's the before and after fromt he SWIP/UFO SAL last weekend. The after pic isn't that great but I am just to lazy today too take it off the rods and get it to the scanner.

Just got some more of that tree on the right stitched.

Now here's Simba (on the left) & Lancelot (his littermate):

That's Simba in his Halloween neckerchief. What a cutie pie! Here's a few more recent photos, he's getting so big!
Simba, Sky & Simon and Simba & Simon.
Check out Simba's face in the last one! Also, Sky modeling the neckerchief.

On the lifestyle side. It must've been the cut of my old jeans (the smaller ones). I went out on Friday night and tried on a few different ones in the smaller size and they all fit! So I got 3 pairs of jeans and one pair of cords in one size smaller. Hurrraaahhhhh! They were on sale so it wasn't too bad.


Claire said...

I want sky lol.Your stitching coming on well.

Tama said...

Your kitties give me a constant case of the 'awwwwwwwww's!
Your stitchings gorgeous, too :D

Kim said...

Simba has grown into such a handsome young kitty--you've done a great job getting him to this point.

Congratulations on the smaller jeans--isn't that a great feeling?

Hazel said...

Oh you are so close to finishing your piece!! Cute cat pics. xx