Sunday, January 16, 2011

TT Sun Worshipper Cat 3

Thanks to the HAED BB UFO/SWIP SAL last week, I brought this little guy out of hiding. He is a Tiny Treasure (because he is only 1, plus a little, pages long) artist Katherine Barber (retired from HAED), 28 ct Opalescent Lugana, color Cashmere Glitz from Silkweaver, DMC 1 X 1. Started in March of 2008.
Yeah, tiny treasure... 3 years later, I might be close to a finish!!!!

The SAL this week on the BB is the Detail/Confetti stitch SAL, so I will continue work on him. As I was working on him last night I noticed that I had gone wrong somewhere, long ago... If you look closely in this picture just where the stitched background ends on the right you will see the back of the cat is 2 stitches off. How did I do that? So some of the evening was spent figuring out what was wrong with that and fixing it. I am glad to say that now he looks much better, and I feel much better.

I recently replied to a post on the BB about the wips we all have on the go. It was in writing my reply there that I realized that I have 11 HAEDs going. ELEVEN! That's just HAEDs, not counting any other little wips I have started over the years in my madness. Granted, 5 of those 11 are SALs that I signed up for on the BB, Lord knows I can't miss out on any of those. But it brought me to the realization that I must finish some of these. The most logical thing to do is finish off the ones that are BB SALs, since they are smaller in size, therefore they should be the easiest and closest to their finishes. Also, I didn't finish a single thing in 2010! Not one! So I am in desperate need of getting something, anything finished, and soon, my wip bins are taking over my house! ;-)

So... I will be focusing on the projects that look like they are closest to the finish line for the foreseeable future. You will see a lot of small pieces coming out of the woodwork, and hopefully some finishes soon!!!!

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Bec said...

Oh, I do love that design! it's gorgeous.
I couldn't see that anything was wrong with it until you pointed it out, but I am still struggling to see it!

Eleven? wow! you are definitely a serial starter! lol
I only have 4 WIP's but it would be a lot more it I had enough fabric for them.

Can't wait to see some of you WIP finishes!

Happy Stitching