Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chesterton SK

Here he is prior to the SAL last week

And here he is after
Isn't he a handsome young man? I was wrong in last week's post, I have finished page 1, this is page 2 I'm working on now. I didn't ever realize it. I'm near the bottom of page 2 and the current week's SAL is "detail stitch", since I am in the really fussy area of the chart, I will continue with him.

On another note HAED is having a sale and there's also a coupon code so in the end you get about 40% off. That is huge! There was a new release on Friday and I have been captivated. Check this out (his name is Pipsqueak, artist Michele Lee Phelan)
(from the artist) Pipsqueak is a rare 'Draconus Lepus Leo'; a dragon chimera. He is a creature born of the artist's imagination - a blending of dragon, dragonfly, lion and rabbit. He stands no more than six inches in height, and is both loyal and loving. He has manifested in the 'Wisdoms of Gaia' Oracle as the 'Imagination' card.

I am crazy about this guy! Problem is, if I did purchase him, I would have to drop everything and start work on him. I really want to finish a few of my 10 HAED wips sometime this year. He's a big chart too, 400 X 565! and 90 colors.... I am torn.
What do you think? Should I just go for it?


Hazel said...

Ooooh Leanne Chesterton is amazing! Did I mention he looks just like one of my cats except she s skinnier and a bit more wonky in her face! Lovely progress. I have resisted the sale as I just have too much to do although I LOVE the Lisa Steinke Herb Rose fairy. x

Nina said...

Go for it (says a start-a-holic)! You live only once :)

Bec said...

I love the cat! He is very handsome!

With 40% off, I think you should go for it!
Who would of thought that, that mix of animals would make such a cute little guy.

Youngs999 said...

It is a gorgeous design - I would say go for it but then I don't seem to have any willpower where charts are concerned