Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pics of Gift Stitch & Goblin Tree Update

Here are some pics of the stitching I did for my friends & I that traveled to France this Summer.  First all 4 of them together:
 Here they are individually.

 They have bee given and greatly appreciated!
(bows head thankfully)

Now for Goblin Tree news.  I've completed page 16!  In honor of my page finish I took her off the rods for a full pic.
Only 4 more partial pages to go!
Thanks for having a look.
Stitch On!


Pull the other thread said...

Such a lovely gift, well done. Goblin Tree looks absolutely amazing. Such great stitching.

Anonymous said...

So close on a finish on GT. You must be getting anxious now. Love those Paris pieces too, such a great idea.

Srinity said...

I love those gifts you stitched for your friends. And wow, not a lot left stitch with your Goblin Tree. Looks amazing!

Visit my blog if you like Halloween charts, I have a giveaway there. :) As well as other nice autumn themed things during this month.

Monique said...

So close to been finished and looking amazing!

Gizzimomo said...

The gifts are so pretty and very special for the recipients! The frames are gorgeous!

Goblin Tree is looking stunning and you're so close to finishing it now, are you planning a new start to celebrate when you have finished those partials?

Miamina said...

I love the Paris pictures, what lovely gifts!

It's strange, I've never been a fan of Linda Ravenscroft but my last 2 purchases from HAED were 2 of hers and I love this picture too, she's obviously grown on me! So close to finish and it looks beautiful already!

The Crafty Princess said...

What a brilliant gift Lou. I adore the frames, they are perfect for your cross stitch. I'm so excited for you, so close to a finish. GT is gorgeous. I love her outfit!!

Sara said...

What a lovely gift for your friends!

You're getting so close on Goblin Tree now!

Maria Jesus said...

lovely works, congratulations!