Friday, April 13, 2007

Started Cirque des Cercles

25 Ct. Black Lugaga, Vicki Clayton Verigated silk in Tugtupite,
1 over 1. (Don't mind the cat hair!)

This is a lot of fun to stitch! What do you think of my color choices?

Thanks to those of you that have left comments! Thank you for visiting!


Kim said...

I love the color choices! The black looks great with that color. I really want to start Cirques but I have too many other things going right now(isn't that always how it is?)

Happy stitching and have a great weekend!

Sally said...

Oh wow, Louanne, this looks stunning.Looking forward to seeing more.

Cindy said...

Your color choices are stunning! I love the black, and the VC silk is beautiful. I would love to do this one. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your progress!

Sara said...

I love your color choices! I like this piece more each time I see it and even though it's not really my sort of thing I've found myself wanting to get it:)