Tuesday, May 15, 2007

After the May HAED SAL

Here it is! Only managed a little more than 600 stitches this time. It was a busy weekend. Washed the deck, did the grocery shopping, laundry, and straightening up on Saturday. Visited my MIL in the Poconos on Sunday. The only time I had to work on it was Friday and Monday nights.

I love this piece! I will be working on this mainly from now on, execpt for QS Wednesdays when I will work on Molly Harrison's Best Friend. This is 28 ct. 1 x 1, Best Friend is 40 ct. 2 x 2. I find that I am having a hard time with the 2 x 2 and that I like the 1 x 1 much better. After Best Friend is finished I'll stick with 1 x 1 from then on. No going back for me!


Michelle said...

Great progress on this - it's looking beautiful!

Cindy said...

Your Goblin Tree is looking great :)

Sara said...

You're making such good progress on this piece!