Friday, January 18, 2008

Quick Rosey Update

I've had Rosey up on the rods this week. I haven't managed a lot of stitching time but I though I'd update before I take her down for this weekend. This is all the way across the entire top of the design (plus 4 rows at the top - don't ask), if you MUST ask, then look here for an explaination, down at the bottom (if you dare!). 28 ct. White Jobelan, and delicious Vicki Clayton silks, 1 X 1, full cross.

I am participating in the first HAEDLess Sampler SAL this weekend. It's the third weekend of each month from Friday to Monday. We can stitch one sampler all year or work on a few, and we aren't restricted by what sort of sampler we want to stitch. I will be working on my Cirque des Cercles this time. Maybe I can make some real progress if I concentrate!


Cindy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you do with CdC this weekend! I'm planning on working on that myself :)

Deanne J said...

Looks great Louanne, love the colour