Monday, August 10, 2009

2 Boys Lounging

Thanks for your comments and well wishes for the littlest baby in the family.
Today begins Simba's 9th week. We estimated that he was born the day before I found him, so that would make his birthdate June 15th. He's growing like a weed. I swear, every day he looks a full inch larger than he did the day before.
I wanted to share some more pics. I caught him sleeping on the sofa with Simon yesterday and they were so cute I couldn't resist. It's hard to tell but his head is above Simon's. You get a really good view of Simon's gotee as well. Aren't they just adorable!?!

It seems that all of Simba's wiskers are broken off. This concerns me because I know how important a cat's wiskers are. The only thing I can think is that they were broken off playing with Simon. He isn't injured in any other way. Has anybody seen anything like this before? I keep a close eye on them when they are playing but I just can't figure it....

I don't know if I posted about this before, but the vet said he looks like a Bengal. I googled for pics and I think she's right! Check out these pics I found of Bengal Cats. Of course Simba is much, much cuter than any of these. Check out the stripe down the back. The last pic looks just like him!


gatofish said...

Aw, Simba's getting to be a big boy! Love Simon's goatee, too! A friend's gato has a "soul patch" on his chin. ;)

Don't know what to think about Simba's whiskers. He probably is breaking them by roughhousing but they should grow back all right.

Thanks for all the photos!

Kim said...

I think it's great that Simon is taking Simba under his wing and showing him the ropes of being a kitty. Too cute!

As for the whisker thing, my male cat never has the whiskers above his eyebrows and his side ones are pretty sparse as well. His sister bites them off; they grow back so Simba should be okay albiet a little clumsy.

venus said...

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Jade said...

Are there cuter creatures than cats? I don't think so. I can't even imagine life without them. Thanks for the photos!