Monday, September 28, 2009

Bouquet for Cheryl Update

Progress as of Sept. 21, 2009

I worked on this the weekend of the 19th for the HAEDless SAL. I have to say that I really enjoyed working on it this time. More so than usual. I don't know why, I just got into the 'flow'.

This past weekend was the HAED Themed SAL. This month's theme was background. I pulled out QS Arthur since I started at the top left and that's all background. I stitched on it for a while and finally decided that I didn't like the way it looked on the 32 ct. fabric. So I scrapped it. If you follow me, I posted about it in the past. I was going to try to stick with it and see if it all evened out with more stitches in, but it was bugging me. So I re-started it on some lovely 30ct. evenweave linen (yes, evenweave linen) from Passione Ricamo. A dear friend Jeannie-Maree recomended it and she is my stitchy hero, so I had to get some! Of course she was right, it is wonderful for stitching HAEDs. Stay tuned for an update with a pic.

Simba Update: I had a feeling that Simba had someting going on. His eating habits had changed, so I got a stool sample to the vet. Turned out he has hook worms (YUCK!). Got him over there and got medication for him, as well as my other 3 boys (just in case). The vet said that it shouldn't have affected his eating, he is probably just 'leveling out' in his growth spurts. He's up to 6 lbs. 2 and a half oz. So all the boys are medicated (it's a topical that works for a month) like Frontline. I trashed all the litter and got new boxes. I'll take another sample back to the vet in 1 month's time to make sure they are all rid of the worms and healthy!

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Mel said...

Glad to hear that Simba is doing better!

Great work on your stitching. :)