Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Lifestyle Update

Did my classes lat night.
BURN BODY BURN, 55 min non-stop body sculpting and JUST RIDE, 45 min spin in various energy zones. Except the 2nd one was even longer, about 55 min. I went 19 miles in those 55 min. WHOA! I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I am now down 8 lbs. But I did it first thing, before any coffee or anything. It's going to be interesting this coming Monday. They will weigh us and take our measurements again. I noticed yesterday while typing on the PC that my rings are flopping around, so that's good news! I hope those 8 lbs. didn't just melt off my hands LOL! I'm really working hard on this and it's nice to finally see some improvement. I also feel better. My DH said that I have a glow in my eyes, and I look better than I have in ages. I do notice more energy, I'm not half asleep by dinner time.

Thank you for your comments/questions. It's nice to see comments, it lets me know that somebody is reading, and keeping track. It also helps me stay 'on plan'.

I don't have any stitching to show today, I haven't had any time this week to stitch! (Hate when that happens!) I think my best choice for the Special New Start SAL that starts today is Dragon Charmer. I have all the floss bobinated, the Needle organizer already all set up, and the fabric chosen, so that makes the most sense. Iron Dragon and Dragon Keeper aren't that far along yet. I have the floss for each, but the rest... It takes some time to bobinate and set up. I've been wanting to start them, but time is an issue. Someday soon!

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Claire said...

Your doing so well with the exercise.I wish I could get motorvated,any tip's?