Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moon Fantasy

I don't remember when this started, and I can't find a picture of what it will look like completed. Here's what I do know: This is part of an HAED Freebie SAL. Same rules apply as the HAED 2009 SAL Challenge! It's a Storykeep (Bookmark), named Moon Fantasy, artwork Ching-Chou Kuik. I started work on it last month, but didn't get enough done to post a pic. This past weekend was the HAED Freebie SAL, so instead of working on Dark Cherry, I pulled this out. It is sorely in need of attention (as you can see). I'm sorry I can't show you what it will look like finished, can't locate an original.

I did finally finish frogging all of Arthur, luckly it doesn't look like the fabric was harmed at all in the process. I haven't re-restarted it yet though.
Next up a Special New Start SAL, in honor of HAED's 8th Birthday this Friday. (There is also a 30% off Sale going on there now!) It will run from thursday this week until thursday next week. I have floss gathered for 3 charts, but I am not sure right now which I will pick. It will mosy likely be one of the following: Iron Dragon, Dragons Keeper, or Dragon Charmer. (Do you see any common thread? ;-0) They have all been screaming loudly at me from the stash closet, but I think Iron Dragon and Dragon Charmer are hollering the loudest. I haven't decided on which one, yet.....

I haven't shared pics of Simba in a while, he's over 5 lbs. now! Here he is with his favorite toy. He walks around the house with it in his mouth. I find it in the oddest places... He looks evil in these, but it's just the lighting, he is really a little sweetie pie!

Here is a rare moment... Simba and Storm (this never happens!)

And finally even MORE rare photos, THREE cats together! My hubby was sick with a cold and lounging late in bed. I guess they all knew that he needed comforting, and they were up for the job. (Look for Simba's little head popped up in the first pic, and Simon's tongue in the second.)


Claire said...

I love haed Dragon Charmer,how many page's are there in that one?I want to do a few haed's but keep putting it off because they are so big.One day ;).

Tama said...

Lovely, lovely kitties!
Makes me want to get another, but my grouchy old boy would probably eat it O_O
I got the fabric for my first HAED today but I'm trying to resist! Must finish gran's Mother's Tree first!
Your 'new' one looks really pretty - can't wait to see updates!

gatofish said...

Thanks for the Simba update! His stripeys are so striking! Your other kitties look so fluffy and huggable! :)

Billie said...

Great pictures! It is amazing how that little bundle grew up to be such a stunning creature. All of your cats are so cute and cuddly.