Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Transitions Update

I promised an update after the weigh in Monday night, so here goes....
Weight - down 5 lbs.
Hips - down 2 inches
Waist - down 3.5 inches
Chest - down 3.25 inches
BMI - down 1 point

I lost 8.75 inches over all, not bad. It's so much better to see these numbers going down instead of up!

Monday's exercise classes: Core Sculpt 30 minutes, and RIDE & CURL, 30 min spin & 30 upper body.

I got a few more stitches into Dragon Charmer, look for a pic by Friday!

1 comment:

Claire said...

Well done,your doing great.I haven't done any exercise but did walk up hill to the school 40 mins lol.I would like to inite you to follow my blog
Thanks for looking :)