Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's been a while

Since I've posted. What can I say? Nov. & Dec. are busy months around here. I worked on my Freebie SK, Moon Fantasy a bit. Here are the before & after:

Stitched some on Bouquet for Cheryl (before & after):

And Dark Cherry:

I may pick up Curly Tailed Rosy next, haven't given her any attention in a very loooog time!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We went to my SIL's. My MIL had her other knee replaced on Nov. 13th and she was in rehab for Thanksgiving (she did the first knee last year, at Christmas). They only let her out for 3 hours that day so dinner, which should have been at my house (it was my turn), ended up at my SIL's. They are in the Poconos (PA), we are in Central NJ so MIL wouldn't be able to make the trip. It was also my MIL's birthday she turned 83. God bless her, she's a trooper. She is now out of rehab and back home (lives with my SIL). They said she is doing really well. Walking better every day.

I'm supposed to be putting up the tree today, and I have to hit the grocery store... Don't know if I'll get any stitching in for a while! Hope to be back with new pics soon!

Happy Holidays!!!

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stitchinfiend said...

Your Cheryl's Bouquet is so pretty and colourful. You have made some nice progress on Dark Cherry.
Glad your Mum in getting better