Monday, December 14, 2009

Tonight is the Last Meeting

For my 12 week Transitions weight loss classThey will take our final weight and measurements. Also an “after” picture. We are each supposed to bring something good to eat. I am bringing my new favorite breakfast (in mini versions). I call it a “Dr. Oz Parfait”, cause I got the idea for it from his show. Side note: I am a Dr. Oz fanatic. I record his show everyday then when I have time I watch a bunch of them back to back. Okay, back to my favorite breakfast. I layer Greek yogurt (plain, 0% fat), fresh strawberries and blackberries, no fat added granola (I like to use Bob’s Red Mill Original Whole Grain Natural Granola) about a tablespoon, and top it with about a tablespoon of agave natural sweetener (low GI). YUM! I went to a party store and got some 5 oz. clear plastic cups and I’m going to make tiny individual parfaits. They should look delicious. I hope that I can actually make them look as pretty as the picture I have in my mind. If they come out nice I’ll snap a pic before I take them to the meeting. Depending on how awful the pictures of me (before and after) are, I might post them as well, maybe. So wish me luck tonight! I think I did pretty well in these past 12 weeks. I know I’m down to a size 8 jeans. I even have 2 pairs of 6’s that fit well! WOO HOO! I am only 5 feet tall… 5 feet ZERO inches, LOL! So I need to be a good size 6 or so, or else I’m a square! (As tall as I am wide!) The main thing though, is I FEEL better. I will post my results when I get them. I plan to stay on track. I’m not down to my goal yet, I don’t think. Doesn’t matter anyway, I need to eat healthy all the time, it needs to be a natural part of my life, period.

On to stitchy stuff! I worked on Curly Tailed Rosy this past week. I hadn’t touched her since Feb. She is being worked in HDF silks on 28 ct. Jobelan (white), 1 X 1. Here’s the before and after. The after pic doesn’t show the very top, it’s rolled up on the frame, I was too lazy to use the scanner and just snapped a pic while she’s on the rods.

I'm working on Moon Fantasy StoryKeep now. I'll have a pic of her soon.
Thank you for reading and keeping up with me!


stitchinfiend said...

Wow congratulations on your weight loss. I need to do something about mine. Your breakfast parfait sounds yummy.

I love Curly Tailed Rosy in silks she is just beautiful

Teipu said...

Congrats to your weight loss!
I always think I should lose some kilos... But I don't know how to start or how to keep my motivation.

It's a great idea to do Curly Tailed Rosy in silks! I also have the chart and can't wait to start her!
How did you converted it from DMC to silks? I'm always afraid that it might doesn't look good if I convert the threads. (but yours looks fab!)

Kim said...

Congratulations on completing your weight loss program--a size 6/8; I'm envious. I love Dr. Oz too; I watch it anytime I get a chance.

Rosy is looking great too.