Saturday, August 27, 2011

Phuan Update

Worked on Phuan for the SK Freebie SAL this past week.  Here he is before:
And after:

That wallpaper is murder! But I enjoyed stitching on him and I am making some progress.  This week is Themed SAL, and the theme is is feathers/fur/scales, so any chart with a bird reptile/fish or animal works.  Almost all of my WIPs qualify, so it will be a surprise.

Since I'm on the East Coast, Irene may mess up my plans.  I am figuring that I may be without power for a while at the very least.  We have everything battened down, and we are hunkering down for the big blow.  I just hope we don't get flooded.  That would be baaaad.  Hope everyone on the coast is secure, good luck to us all.

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Faerie said...

It's looking good! I hope to God that you are all safe over there! Must be so scary.