Friday, September 2, 2011


We made it through the storm.  Never lost power, but we did lose cable for 4 days, so no TV or Internet for me.  Just as well, I stitched!  I brought out Draconis Lepus Leo AKA Pipsqueak for the Themed SAL, and I managed to complete the page I was on and start the next!  Here is the little darling before:
 And after:
I started him in the center so the finished page is 15, and I backed up to start page 14.

This week it's Freebie SAL time, so Fragile Heart is out to play.

My heart goes out to all those that suffered through the storm.  Many people still without power, flooded, etc.  I keep you in my heart and send out healing/helping cyber vibes.


Bec said...

glad to hear you were safe through the storm. But it looks like no TV and internet was good for your stitching!! lol :)
Pipsqueak is just precious! You've made wonderful progress, can't wait to see more of him :)

Sara said...

Glad you made it through the storm, looks like you made some great progess!

Dawn said...

You managed to get loads done. I'm glad you got through the storm ok. Good luck with fragile heart next.

Faerie said...

Great progress. So glad to hear you are ok. It must be a horrible situation to be in.

Patches said...

nothing like lost cable to make your needles smoke.