Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fragile Heart Page 3

Here she is, page 3 complete!  I now that I'm not as far along as most of the other people stitching her, but I'm happy with her anyway.  We all do what we can, right?  I have so many WIPs going I'm happy to get something accomplished with any of them.
This week is the UFO/SWIP SAL, already?  Checks calendar... yep, it's the 2nd weekend of Sept. already!  I haven't looked though my wip pile yet to see what jumps out at me. 
Thinking that the year is flying by makes me want to have a look at me Goals for the year.  So here's where I am as of now.

2011 GOALS
1. Finish Fragile Heart SAL
2. Finish TT SunWorshipper Cat 3  COMPLETE!
3. Finish Chesterton SK SAL        COMPLETE!
4. Complete one more page (at least) on Goblin Tree:  Pages 1 thru 12 finished. COMPLETE!


Hazel said...

Wow so pretty. I am working on her at the mo but am a bit behind you. Well quite a lot actually. xx

Astrid said...

Much lovely colors!! it come alive slowly :)

Faerie said...

Great progress Louanne!

The Crafty Princess said...

I'm with Hazel - working on her too but way way behind you. She looks gorgeous. Thanx for posting it ignites my mojo to keep working on her. Beautiful work Louanne and congrats on all your progress on her. xo

Bec said...

she's lovely! Such bright and bold colours.
Now I feel like stitching my HAED - Thanks for the mojo :)