Saturday, September 17, 2011

QS Artur

Last week was the SWIP SAL on the board so I broke out QS Arthur, I hadn't touched him since March 2010! Here he is before:
And after:
Doesn't look like much but confetti rules this piece. I don't mind though, the detail is amazing, IMHO. He will take forever to finish, at the rate I stitch, but he's worth it.

This week is the SK Freebie SAL so Phuan is on the rods....

Some news this past week: Fudgey (Jeannie-Maree) has retired from her duties as Administrator.  I, along with Rachel and Nance are now helping Michele out with the duties there more than we were before.

As a farewell gift Michele and Bob have charted a QS Freebie of the piece that brought Fudgey to HAED in the first place.  You can find the chart, Sea of Roses, HERE.

Unfortunately, I got only one comment on my last post (thank you Ali) .  I was hoping for a bit of a better turnout.  Please look into your heart and re-read my previous post, I really would love to have your help.

It's a chilly 52 this morning, here.  I turned on the heat in the house, first time this season.  I'm still hoping for Indian Summer tho!  It would be nice to curl up in a blanket and stitch, but I have errands to run today.  Then we're taking some friends out for dinner tonight, in honor of her Birthday.  Maybe tomorrow I can stitch all day.

Have a great stitchy week!


Anne said...

This guy is super cute! Keep on stitching him!!

I just wondered to myself where summer went...we went from hot last week to rain :(

Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

Oh what a face! Those aren't typically my style, but I might just have to do one!

And congrats on being tapped to help! I keep thinking I'd like to do some stuff, even stitch, or review for errors, etc. No idea how that works. I know Fudgey will be missed.

Hazel said...

Arthur is looking great! Congrats on your "promotion" over on the HAED bb. You deserve it and can't think of a better person to help run it. xx

Sharon said...

I wish Florida was 52 degrees, how nice! Arthur looks wonderful!