Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Better Late Then Never

I've been busy.  Had my SIL and niece over the weekend.  We went into NYC for a show and dinner.  Saw Prisilla Queen of the Desert, and had dinner at Chez Josephine's.  It was a great day.  I recommend both the play and the restaurant, so if you haven't been, go!  You won't be sorry.

DH bought a car on Wed.  He hasn't had a car in his name since we've been married, 15 years.  I've been telling him to buy a car for a few years now, but he didn't want a car payment.  He finally found one, not on purpose.  He went to a dealership trying to get a part for his work van and saw one on the lot that he really liked.  He got a Hyundai Genesis.  He really wanted something comfortable, and this car fits the bill.  I can't believe how nice it is.  It's not anything that I would ever have even looked at, but it fits him to a T.  He's happy with it so far.  I hope he stays happy with it at least till he's finished with the payments :-)

Last week was the SK SAL, so Phuan came out for a while.  As stated, I was pretty busy last week so my progress was meager.  Here's the before & after pics:

I was so excited to get to the start of his ear!  Then I went to post my update over on the board in the Phuan thread, and saw what all the other stitcher's pieces look like.  I feel like I got nowhere.  Oh well, I didn't have a lot of time to stitch, but I'm a slow stitcher anyway.  It's not the end point, it's the journey that's important.

This week is the Themed SAL, the Theme is Halloween or anything Autum-ish (not a word, I know).  So you probably already guessed it.  Goblin Tree is on the scroll rods.  I have another busy week this week.  Something every day after work.  But my old friend is there and I have managed a few stitches so far, and hope to squeeze a few more in before Friday morning.  Stay tuned!

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